What are the performance characteristics of zirconia ceramics?
  • 2016-06-16

What are the performance characteristics of zirconia ceramics?

First, the melting point of zirconia is very high, up to more than two thousand degrees Celsius. It is because of such a high melting point and its chemical inertness that zirconia ceramics can be processed as a very good refractory material.

Second, we all know that zirconia ceramics are very good in hardness and wear resistance. From the specific data, the Mohs hardness of zirconia ceramics is about 8.5, which is very close to the Mohs hardness of sapphire. Magnesium-aluminum alloys are much harder, so many times zirconia ceramics are widely used due to their high hardness.

Third, zirconia ceramics have a very large strength, although there are some differences in toughness compared with metals, but compared with other ceramic materials, it can be said to be the best.

Fourth, zirconia ceramics have lower thermal conductivity than other ceramic materials, and their thermal expansion coefficients are similar to those of some metals. Therefore, zirconia ceramics are very suitable for structural ceramic materials. For example, the structural parts of the mobile phone can be completely fabricated using zirconia ceramic materials.

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